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A Walnut Creek Chiropractor with First-Hand Knowledge of What an Athlete Needs To Overcome Injury

Sports Chiropractor Walnut Creek - Dr. Cancel - Strength Training Concord - Rehab DanvilleDr. Douglas Cancel leads a healthy lifestyle centered on strenuous exercise and strict nutrition. He eventually raised the bar further in his physical conditioning by incorporating strength training and cardiovascular exercise twice each day.

However, a mountain bike accident sidelined him. The unfortunate event caused him to sustain a fractured scapula and two broken ribs. Accelerated arthritic changes also occurred in both his shoulders. Despite this and the two failed shoulder surgeries he underwent, he remained unfazed.

These injuries opened Dr. Cancel to the various systems of manual therapy and physical rehabilitation techniques from around the world. With his body as a testing ground and laboratory for these treatment methods, he was able to experience first-hand the effectiveness and benefits of these treatments.

Rising from the injuries and setbacks, Dr. Cancel went on to become the 2001 NPC Masters Nationals Heavyweight Bodybuilding champion, making him the year’s top over-40-year-old amateur heavyweight bodybuilder in the United States. This also culminated in getting acquainted with elite athletes from various sports. The whole experience ultimately brought him to his patients in his Walnut Creek chiropractic practice.

Today, Dr. Cancel has incorporated all that he learned and experienced, providing the best possible treatments and quick results to his patients, including comprehensive chronic pain management and rehab and personal training.

Dr. Cancel’s mission remains a simple one: to resolve problems as quickly as possible.

If you have developed lower back pain, runner’s knee or bodybuilding injuries (or CrossFit injuries) while exercising, at the gym, at play, or at sports, Dr. Cancel can make you better, healthier and stronger.

Performance Sport Care serves the residents of Walnut Creek, CA, and the nearby communities of Concord, Pleasant Hill, Danville and Lafayette.

Get complete treatment from someone who has experienced first-hand the benefits and effectiveness of chiropractic care. For individualized care and comprehensive treatments, look to Dr. Douglas Cancel. Feel free to contact him at (925) 945-1155 or use our Request an Appointment form to schedule your consultation.

Our Services

Sports Injury

When engaging in any sports activity, it is important to stay healthy and pain-free so you can perform at your best. But with injuries, you may become limited in your flexibility, mobility and function. Maximize your participation in sports activities with Dr. Douglas Cancel’s help.

Shoulder Injury

Our shoulders consist of an interlocking network of soft tissues, tendons, muscles and bones, which allows us to perform a wide range of motion. From reaching our back to stretching out to throw a pitch, our shoulders are involved every step of the way in our day-to-day life.

Spine & Knee Injury

Our spine and knees are made of complex system of bones and muscles, which, unfortunately, are prone to problems. In the case of knee disorders, one of its most common causes is osteoarthritis. This degenerative disease affects the muscles, ligaments and tendons that surround the joints. On the other hand, spine problems usually involve herniated or slipped discs, which cause radiating pain

Leg & Hip Injury

Musculoskeletal problems in the hips and legs are triggered by inflammation of the joints. When this happens, walking, running or bearing weight on the affected hip/s can be very difficult to do. In many instances, this condition is characterized with pain, restricted mobility and limited function.